First step camp Storuman 23-26th March, 2023

March 23 to 26, 2023 we arranged First Step Camp in Storuman, and every feedback indicates that it was a success for the project. We had our meetings and spent the nights at Hotel Toppen, and in the evenings most of us joined the local youth club for fun activities and getting new friends.

We set up test stations for the different apps and portals, and gathered a lot of valuable information for our further work with the solutions. It was pretty cold in Storuman during our stay, lots of snow, starry skies and even for a short time we could see a glimpse of Aurora Borealis. Some of us went skiing and even tried throwing lasso at a reindeers antlers! The Serbians beat the Norwegians in the bonfire competition – congratulations! Some of us even tried the sauna with the stunning lake view. Thank you Storuman for a great time and for having us!